Stickers NOW available on Instagram !
Our stickers of HappyHamsters, Crazy Pinguins and LoveHearts enters Instagram Stories. Now you can put a official AM Sticker to
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Crazy Pinguins cases fits for the NEW iPhone Xs !
New iPhone will receive soon and our Crazy Pinguins Case are ready for the new iPhone. It will fit perfectly
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Crazy Pinguins Mugs only 19$ !
Crazy Pinguins Mugs for everybody !! We drop the prices of our Crazy Pinguins Mugs from 25$ to 19$. Check
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Our own Store at !
We are proudly announcing that we has now our own AM by Andre Martin Store on Amazon. You can access
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Crazy Pinguins Mugs and Cases also available on Amazon!
Great news!! Our Crazy Pinguins Mugs and Cases lineup is now available on All Crazy Pinguin products comes with
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Crazy Pinguins – Update
We just updated our current Sticker Pack. Now you can unlock ne characters and add new categories. We unit German
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Smile2Me – Rename
Renaming our Smile Pack. With our newest Sticker Pack of Smile2Me we introduce our new Name. It is now possible
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Crazy Pinguins – Protected
Copyright included Copyright and Registered Design in Switzerland. We are proud that our Crazy Pinguin joins the Designs of Protection
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Crazy Pinguins – Update 1.3
New penguins for a good start to the new year. The new update includes more than 20 new stickers. Among
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LoveHearts – Valentine’s Day – Update
75+ New stickers for the love hearts. The biggest update to the start of the new year will be the
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Ampelmann – Update
The new sticker pack contains more than 10 new stickers. Among them Ampelmann Stickers with a clear message to the
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