Crazy Pinguins- Registered at WIPO

Protected design now also internationally.
Under the number DM / 099 793 the little penguin is protected by the WIPO.


Ampelmann - Update

New Ampelmann Stickers for the year 2018.

The new sticker pack contains more than 10 new stickers. Among them Ampelmann Stickers with a clear message to the new year and now also that you can put the famous Ampelmann hat on your own photos.

LoveHearts - Valentine's Day - Update

75+ New stickers for the love hearts.

The biggest update to the start of the new year will be the LoveHearts. More than 75 new stickers have been added. Starting with winter hearts, heart tags and even roses are there. Update and find out.

Crazy Pinguins - Update 1.3

New penguins for a good start to the new year.

The new update includes more than 20 new stickers. Among them are penguins for the year 2018 and penguins who are simply looking forward to a new series of seasons. Have fun sending.

Happy New Year 2018

We wish you a very happy new year!

We hope you enjoyed the ride with us in 2017 which will continue even faster and bigger in 2018. Can’t wait to show you all the new stuff we are preparing right now for you. So be excited. 



Crazy Pinguins - Protected

Copyright and Registered Design in Switzerland.

We are proud that our Crazy Pinguin joins the Designs of Protection in Switzerland.

See Registration Number 143672

Happy Hamsters - Keyboard

This is fun.

We are proud to present our latest App “ HappyHamsters – Keyboard“.

This App allows you to bring the HappyHamsters in every App on your Android powered device to use it in many Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and so on.

Design Training

This is how you can handle a relationship between two objects.

We are designing a lot of graphics for homepages, banners, promotions and so on. For every image we create we have to ask the same question, when looking at an object inside another. „Why is it looking not good ?“
The whole Training are available on LinkedIn.

Smile2Me - Rename

Renaming our Smile Pack.

With our newest Sticker Pack of Smile2Me we introduce our new Name. It is now possible to unlock more the 25+ new Stickers and even see more colors inside one App.

Crazy Pinguins - Update

We just updated our current Sticker Pack.

Now you can unlock ne characters and add new categories. We unit German Edition – US Edition – UK Edition and Summer Edition into One Single App. 

We will update them as soon as possible to add more characters.







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